OpenSearch Blog: Talk at Kubernetes Community Twente Meetup about Security Analytics

On invitation from Shock Media Managed Hosting Experts I’ve developed a talk about creating a SIEM with OpenSearch. Inspired by the Opster Opensearch-k8s-OperatorOpenSearch Security AnalyticsOpenSearch Data Prepper and Fluent-Bit  I created a demo setup of deploying OpenSearch on an Google Cloud GKE cluster.

Securing platforms like Kubernetes can be challenging. Luckily there are tools to create insights into potential security threats. Get an introduction into the world of Security Information Event Monitoring (SIEM) and how to make OpenSearch your favorite solution for Security Analytics. You get familiar with the technology and concepts behind this powerful platform.

Talk included a hands-on demo to get a grasp of provided functionality. Below the example setup.

This example setup is for demo non-production purposes, our colleague Arnold van Wijnbergen explained the challenges and deployment of a SIEM based on OpenSearch on Google Cloud GKE clusters. GKE is the Google Cloud Kubernetes platform.

Read the full description is on my GitHub. Slides are available on demand, just contact me.



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