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We are reliability engineers. Qensus is a boutique service provider of expert advice and training in the field of observability, analytics and reliability engineering. We help our clients to make their data and systems understandable and create new value, such as accelerating digital transformation, migration to the cloud or monitoring microservices. All of this is possible by realising improved insights, guaranteeing continuity and thereby improving the overall quality of the customer their business and IT services.

We do this proudly for various brands such as AH, Microsoft, Dutch government, KPN, Venafi to name a few. Check out some of our favorite projects below.

End-to-end Observability

Our business exists to help organisations realise the potential of observability and operational analysis. Using our craftsmanship in reliability engineering we achieve this purpose. Technology alone does not realise the ultimate goal. Additional we take care of operationalisation and take teams to the next level.


Observability is the capability to continuously generate and discover actionable insights based on signals from the system under observation.  It allows users to understand a system’s state from its external output, such as metrics, logs and traces. As  and take actions  on the level of costs


Reliability refers to how well a system responds to failures. We combine techniques like cloud native infrastructure, modern service management and software engineering approach to fully embrace DevSecOps. 
Our goal is to remove roadblocks to innovation and ensure reliability.


 Analytics we refer to various ways of intelligence to  provide visibility, automate tasks and optimise processes for IT operations. Leveraging both machine learning and advanced analytics techniques. Our ultimate goal is to proactively identifies, isolates and resolves IT issues. 

Partners you can count on

Qensus builds long-term relationships with its partners. Each of our partners are unique and digital pioneers in cloud native. We combine our expertises to provide the market with excellent consultancy or training  services.

Passionate we set trends and chase innovation with our partners. We believe in the power of collaboration and learn lessons every project by growing together towards the most innovative and suitable solution for our customers.


Providing best in-class enterprise search, observability, logging and security/SIEM platform, formerly known as the ELK stack.

Qensus  is certified and trusted since 2015.


Reliable, cost-effective and fastest OLAP database available on the market. Popular datastore for high performance and scalable data analysis.

Qensus is trusted since 2022. 


Allround full-stack Observability SAAS platform. LogicMonitor is unique for their simplicity and agentless infrastructure monitoring for MSPs.

Qensus  is certified and trusted since 2022.
Cloud platform for continuous performance validation. Go live with confidence without skipping any performance test or quality gate.

Qensus  is trusted since 2021. 


Providing best in-class machine identity protection. Work together on CI/CD integration with CodeSign Protect & TLS Protect.

Qensus  is certified and trusted since 2019. 

We work with passion and devotion.

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